Hawked Bareback

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Hawked, features 5 scintillating scenes with Owen and Brandon tagging ass. Together, the two Hawk’s use their XL tools to work over the hottest bottom sluts we could find, including porn superstars Mason Wyler and Ethan Wolfe. Packed full of big cummy loads, sweet bubble asses, and loads of double penetration.

This compilation showcases scorching hot sexual talent and burns up the screen from start to finish.

Gangsta Loads Bareback

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"The Mercenary" they call him in the slums of Bogota. Ex-para-military and hardcore gangsta - this dude was a trip, folks.
He put a fucking gun on the table when he got naked to breed Lindo`s boipussy. And that he did twice, in a row, non-stop, degrading Lindo to a fuck doll whose only purpose in life is to please his Macho when he needs relief.
After the video he told our producer “If you would show my face on video I would have to kill you.” Word!

Ronan Kennedy Fucks Jake Tipton Bareback

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Ronan and Jake are two newbies without much experience, but we don’t doubt their skills in the least, so we’ve paired them up to see what these two can bring to the table…or to the bed! They’re more than a little horny, so they don’t waste much time with kissing, they strip down and get right into cock-sucking, with Ronan giving Jake head first.

He rubs Jake’s dick with his hand while he pulls it in and out of his mouth, getting Jake hard in a matter of seconds! Ronan gets some oral, too, as Jake slobbers all over his wang, running his tongue along Ronan’s thick shaft and licking the tip like it’s candy. Once Ronan’s dick is standing at attention, Jake bends over the bed and takes it up the ass, getting fucked raw by Ronan as he takes it slow at first, giving Jake a chance to warm up.

Once Jake’s ass is a little more accustomed to the feel of a huge prick inside it, he switches positions and takes that dick a couple different ways as Ronan goes a little faster, shoving his bareback cock into Jake until they both finish with some nice cumshaws!

Austin Chandler Fucks Armond Rizzo’s Tight Latin Ass Bareback

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This is honestly what gay bareback sex is all about: two hot guys who look awesome in and out of their clothes, huge raw dicks, and unmatched momentum during fucking! Austin Chandler has appeared on Lucas entertainment in a raw gay porn sex scene with Nova Rubio, but here he is with Armond Rizzo; it’s his first time on the site. Armond is incredibly attractive: a beautiful face, incredible skin, a killer body, and a mouth-watering cock. He’s got it all! This is a versatile encounter, so Armond slips it in Austin, but it’s when Austin tops Armond that the true fun begins. He doesn’t take it easy on the Latino, and Armond deserves some kudos for handling the action. Austin his huge in the pants and he’s not gentle, which makes it all the more fun!

Johan Igor War of Emotions EP2

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So let the truing begin. Lieutenant Igor is gonna try to make a man from young pvt. Johan. Johan thought that to join Tchukistanian army is a piece of cake. Haha, soon he will find out the truth. And Igor is here to commence his training. Who knows how far this will go, but one thing is for sure. Johan is gonna be a proper soldier, once this is done.


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Euro stud cast of horny young man hunks who just can’t get their juicy, throbbing dicks serviced enough! Packed with intense sucking and fucking… through hot assed sex. Hot, dripping duos, threesomes, and down ‘n dirty, sweaty muscular manses!

Chris Jensen & Eric Bareback

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The brightly colored ink on Warrick Cade and James Ryder echoes the graffiti at the sex playground where they meet. Warrick is a bruiser twice the body mass of James. Except for his bushy beard, Warrick is a smooth slab o beef. His hands are mitts that palm James head like a basketball, directing it to his face for a kiss or down to his crotch where a massive bone awaits sucking. James chokes at the feral invasion, but with a lot of spit is able to make Warricks cock disappear. James controls his gag reflex as his daddy commands him to love it! Stroking his own rock-hard meat, James looks up for approval through a slobbery face full of cock. Daddy Warrick growls his pleasure. Stripped and spun around, James is bent over a stack of tires, his thighs pressed against rubber and his bubble butt squeezed and probed. Warrick thrusts his face into James tender hole. James grows bold enough to bark commands to Warrick, encouraging him to fuck me!The tires become a cradle rocking with the rhythm of Warricks tirade against James prostate. Warrick plunges again and again, riding out the storm of James orgasm then deluging his boys face with a thick eruption worthy of so big a beast.