Bareback Sveny & Fanesz

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Sveny is 19 years old, sports an athletic body build and has short brown hair. A bit on the quiet side, when the clothes are off he truly is unstoppable!


Fanesz is 20 years old, has light-brown hair and an athletic body build. His hobbies include playing soccer, throwing parties and of course anal gay bareback sex!

Episode summary

Farnesz appeared intriguing and initially reserved kind of guy. Whilst not being the talkative type, not talking much sure empowered his mind and he had a massive fantasy going on. Joined to hot swimmer and athletic Sveny in this best gay bareback episode.

Seduced and mezmerized by Fanesz’s tight round ass, the session was on and Sveny was our moaner of the week!

Billy S & Seth T BareBack

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Stud Billy Santoro and sexy Seth Treston make out in the gym locker room. The clothes come off fast as Billy assures Seth they are all alone. The two hunks take turns blowing each other. Seth struggles to deep throat Billy’s hard cock, gagging frequently. Billy takes on Seth’s cock with ease, even licking his balls. Seth leans against a stall so Billy can eat his ass. Billy eats like a pig, sloppily pounding Seth’s hole with his tongue. He gets Seth’s ass wet and pounds his raw hole bareback. Billy pulls out and bends over the locker bench so Seth can eat him out, too. Seth munches on Billy’s ass while milking Billy’s cock. They flip flop and Seth fills Billy’s hole with his hard raw pole. Billy rides Seth bareback on the bench, his cock flailing up and down with each bounce. He then grabs a tumbling mat and they make out. Seth lays down on the mat and Billy pile-drives his ass bareback even harder than before. Seth Treston gets the cum pounded out of him and shoots a huge load on himself. Billy bends over licking up his lover’s sweet mess. Billy Santoro shoots his cum on Seth’s balls and shoves his raw cum-covered cock back inside Seth, seeding his hole. He plays with the hot splooge and fingers Seth’s stretched hole seeding it even more. Billy licks Seth’s cummy ass and goes in for a wet kiss.

Down And Dirty Bareback Daniel Wood & Thor

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This scene is dedicated to lovers of dark hair, young muscled men and big juicy dicks. And what’s not to like with hot, tonedand handsome Daniel Wood and Thor? There’s a sweet romantic start, for those who like the lovey-dovey stuff but the scene soon progressing to a bit more down and dirty as they show off their buff bodies, proud dicks and insatiable appetite for dick. Daniel Wood gets serviced by nicely built Thor while under the blazing sky. Then Daniel slides his rock hard thick dick into a bent over Thor. Both groan in pleasure as David thrusts in and out until they both spew with hot cum.

Bareback Boiz Of Summer 

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"It’s hot in the city and a tight-knit group of friends are working hard to earn money for their summer vacation. Hard working boys soon become hard fucking boys as they embark on bareback summer adventures filled with big dicks, hot three-ways, orgy action, ass munching, juicy cum facials, cum eating, outdoor fucking, and much more."

Reservoir Cocks (Part 2) Bareback

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Not satisfied with the cum they unloaded in Reservoir Cocks Part 1, the horny dominant fuckers are back to claim more mouths, cocks and hot tight butts in this second instalment! With a little gentle persuasion (not likely!) our sadistic tops claim their captives in cum-drenched scenes of hardcore, with gay double penetration, face fucking, pissing and more, all ending with plenty of hot splashing cum erupting out of those shafts and being fed to a now willing recipient or raining down over their faces and tight smooth bodies. These lads will never be the same after experiencing such intense punishment, but you’ll be coming back for more again and again!

Anal Fucking A Tourists Bareback Marty & Tony

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This week we went off to the local tourist attractions to find ourselves a man. We spotted this one guy who was hanging out by the pier taking pictures of the castle across the way and right away Tony knew he can take this man home. So he talked to him for a few minutes and its all it took for him to take him to his near by apartment and then after that it was wall butt sex and blowjobs. Tony is so good he sucked the strangers dick then fucked him in the ass and the man really liked it. After all this they weren’t strangers anymore.