Kellan Plows Brayden Bareback

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Having observed Kellan and Brayden hanging out with one another, and knowing a fair bit about them, they remind me of the type of two, hot, straight friends you’ll see hanging out – maybe at the bar talking up girls, or at a park throwing a football around. You’ll see them out on a double date, each with some hot girl under their arm, or walking through campus as they head from one class to the next. What you never get to see those two buds doing, though, is fucking each other’s brains out and swapping loads. Well…

In the ass of the Father Bareback

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Not for the first time, director John Smith taps into a rich religious vein to give us a top-notch display of Church life from the inside, where the battle for hearts and souls always seems to come second-best to the battle for hard cocks and hungry, pert asses! Jaro Stone, Yuri Adamov, Mike James and new-boy cutie, Carl Ross, form a stellar cast of dick-crazed talent, all hell-bent in experiencing the lesser-known sacrament of double-dicked fucking and a baptism of hot piss! Life in holy orders has rarely looked so earthy – or so much fuckin’ fun!

Rhett Feeds Kennedy Bareback

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While Rhett’s the one getting railed by Kennedy’s big dick throughout this episode, Kennedy’s the one that ends up with the massive load in his mouth and down his throat. It’d seem the hard and deep pounding Kennedy gave Rhett just made that huge load build up inside Rhett’s big balls until he couldn’t help but blast it out! Rhett is definitely one of those guys I was pleasantly surprised to see agree to give guy/guy action a shot at all. As we now know, though, he didn’t just give it a shot – he embraced it and went all out with it! His cock is rock-hard while Kennedy drills him, and his moans and whimpers are as genuine, as authentic, and as hot as can be!

Mickelo Takes Dustin Over the Edge

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After his solo performance, Dustin Dewind was hesitant about taking things further too quickly. In fact, he isn’t sure how far he wants to go yet. So, to help him along, we quizzed him on what was he willing to try. When we suggested he receive a BJ servicing from one of our gifted suckers, he agreed. That is when we decided to call on talented Mickelo Evans to do his handy work. No question about it either, Mickelo certainly knew how to get Dustin off. 

What better way to do that than providing a massage table and Mickelo’s talented hands to get Dustin in the mood.

From the outset, Marko Lebeau told Dustin that Mickelo was one of our best, and there was no mistake about that once Mickelo got to work. Sporting our new Men of Montral Ts (soon available online), Mickelo quickly got to work. And Dustin was more than ready for his servicing.

We should mention that there are a couple of side stories to this scene. First, towards the end of the photo shoot, we decided to have the guys get up close and personal, with one sitting and the other lying on the massage table. That is when the table actually gave way beneath them, which obviously freaked them out. One end of the table quickly collapsed and fell half way down to the floor. You may recall about a year and half ago, Christian Power broke the table with the sheer weight of his massive body. We fixed it then, but this time the table will need to be replaced. You will notice that during filming we had to keep the guys at the other end of the table for most of the scene, only to avoid it giving way completely… Oh well, this time no fixin’. We need to get a new table!

Second story behind this shoot is related to Mickelo’s rather talented cock-sucking work. He was so good at maneuvering his tongue and lips onto and around Dustin’s cock that early on in the shoot, Dustin had trouble holding back and he abruptly interrupted Mickelo’s masterful effort. Bewildered, we paused the cameras and asked what was wrong. Seconds later, Dustin was squeezing his cock, trying to hold back. But to no avail; his rock hard piece of meat spewed out a half load of sweet white spunk. The look of, first, surprise, then, of embarrassment on his face was priceless. Unfortunately, we had stopped filming and thus missed this priceless moment. Mickelo had a smile on his face, knowing that he has mastered the art of cock sucking.

After a brief break, we resumed shooting and the guys carried on like real troopers. Dustin came a second time at the end of the shoot. How else could this finish given Mickelo’s talented achievement? Will Dustin be willing to move on to the next level? Nobody knows at this point. Stay tuned.

London Uncut + (BONUS) Bareback

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If there is one thing we have in London, it’s uncut cocks. LONDON UNCUT brings together some of the hottest studs Europe has to offer, including muscle pigs JEFF STRONGER, PRIAM and LUCA BONDI, with UK favourites SAM PORTER, YURI and “Brit-Pig” BRUCE JORDAN, joined by cut guys CHRISTIAN MATTHEWS and RAY DALTON.

Dato Foland, Craig Daniel, Logan Moore, And Theo Ford Bareback Sex Foursome Bareback

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This week Dato is back as a top in this new bareback orgy video starring Dato Foland, Logan Moore, Theo Ford, and Craig Daniel. Hotties Logan and Theo are bottoms here in this scene getting fucked by Dato and Craig.
The highlight is when Logan Moore gets double penetrated by Dato Foland and Theo Ford.

Adrian Smallwood & Ryan Olsen Bareback

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Forget the hackneyed joke about Michael Jackson forever blowing Bubbles – the monkey, that is! – Adrian Smallwood and Ryan Olsen are a couple of small-screen stars who clearly find the combination of fresh air and a bubble-machine highly erotic. Then again, it could be the thought of all that juicy fresh meat that they so evidently know is stuffed inside each other’s jeans!

Certainly neither of the lads shows any reticence when it comes to stripping off and making out – dark-haired boy, Olsen, gobbling on his mate’s oversized knob like the consummate whore we’ve all quickly grown to know and love. In return, the ever-pert beauty that is young Smallwood can’t wait to bury his cute little face into Olsen’s hairless crotch, practicing his oral skills in the process. It’s no great surprise, therefore, that the lads are soon laid out top-to-toe, pleasuring each other’s groins and groaning out their own tight-lipped satisfaction.

All of this is positively civilised, however, in comparison to the animalistic rutting that very promptly ensues – first Smallwood pounding into Olsen’s ass over a table, and then Olsen returning the compliment by providing his dick for Smallwood to ride cowboy-style (appropriately enough) until his own cock quite literally explodes, splattering cum in all directions in the process! That Smallwood should respond in much the same fashion just moments later underlines the intensity of the coupling – a jizz-stained signature that’ll see you nutting umpteen times over!