Patrick Tyson Barebacks James Hulk

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Patrick Tyson and James Hulk kiss passionately while feeling each other’s bodies. James quickly gets on his knees and pulls out Patrick’s cock. He sucks his uncut meat and licks his balls. Patrick fucks James’ face, making him gag. They kiss again as James strokes himself. James lays on the bed and Patrick sucks on his pole, showing us his furry ass. Patrick lifts James’ legs back and rims his hole while James pulls on his boner. With James’ hole wet and ready, Patrick plows his raw meat bareback into James. James moans loudly as every thrust of Patrick’s muscled body pumps his raw cock deep into him. Patrick lays down and spoons James, fucking him hard bareback. They change position and James gets on all fours. Patrick doesn’t waste any time plowing James bareback doggy-style, his big balls slapping against James’ ass. Patrick pulls out and sits to cum and James is there ready to eat his load. James stands and cums on Patrick’s mouth. They end with a cum filled kiss.

Logan Novak Bottoms Bareback for Sebastian Young

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Logan Novak is new to Lucas Entertainment, but Michael Lucas snatched him right up when he showed interest in filming with the studio. But he put it out there right away that he was a bottom and wanted his first scene to be with a top that knows what’s he is doing. After all, who doesn’t admire a man who is confident in his skill? It just so happens that Sebastian Young was in town, and he was the perfect match for Logan, who was itching for a rough-and-tumble bareback fuck. And that’s exactly what Sebastian gives him!

OIP Muscle Man Fucked In The Ass In Public! Bareback

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In this weeks Out In Public update were here with our good friend Dee and were out here trying to get him some ass and we found the perfect candidate this big muscle bound dude who fits perfect for my friend Dee so we approach him and he was more than willing to join us in our fun filled day and these just went right at it the dude was flexin’ his muscle for my friend and Dee was loving eery second of it!The action was amazing and we actually get spotted by someone and the what happens is truly amazing! I hope you all enjoy this update,Stay Tuned!

Ryan Fields Fucks Tyler White Bareback

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Ryan Fields is a nervous wreck today, and it’s all because it’s his very first time getting a dick shoved up his ass. Actually, he’s never done anything ass-related at all…no finger, no tongue, not even any thoughts about someone touching his ass, so today is pretty rough for him. But Tyler White makes it a little easier on him, kissing him and sucking his cock to take his mind off of what’s about to come.

Tyler spits on Ryan’s dick, taking that prick in and out of his mouth as Ryan looks down on him, clearly enjoying himself. Of course, Tyler deserves a little blowjob as well, and Ryan gets on his knees and sucks on that meat, getting it hard and wet until he can’t delay it anymore and bends himself over the bed, prepared to have his virgin ass stretched. Tyler slides his cock right in and gives him a minute to warm up before slapping that ass and fucking him harder.

For his first time, Ryan is taking that dick pretty well, especially since Tyler isn’t exactly being gentle! Ryan bottoms for Tyler on his side, on his back, getting a little experience in all positions as Tyler shoves that bareback prick deep in his ass, his balls slapping against Ryan’s ass until they both finish off with a perfect cumshaw!

Zane Anders Flip-Flops Bare with Sebastian Young Bareback

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Zane and Sebastian being frolicking in the pool with a little rough-housing and horseplay. This lasts only a little while, though, because Zane is horny as hell in a way only a young healthy stud can be. Sebastian is content to have Zane down on his rock hard cock as he leans back on the pool steps. Both of these studs have chiseled bods and terrific boners, but their sense of eagerness to explore each other’s bodies is the highlight of this pool fling! Sebastian loves the BJ, but his tongue is itching to get a taste of his blond jock partner’s hole. Zane hops into doggie style and shoves his willing butt up into the air. Sebastian doesn’t bat an eye at this invitation, and dives into Zane’s bubble butt with a passion. As soon as he has Zane loosened up with his hole, he stands up and inserts his raw cock into Zane. Sebastian knows how to fuck a guy right, with just the right amount of aggressiveness and passion, and this turns Zane on beyond belief! Zane is rock hard as Sebastian thrusts his bare dick deep inside, over and over. Sebastian senses another opportunity, and to take advantage of Zane’s boner, ends up his back with his thick muscular legs in the air. Zane grabs onto Sebastian’s ankles and goes to town! Zane fucks the shit out of Sebastian, and all the while Sebastian is stroking away, loving the feeling of another jock like himself sliding his bareback sausage in and out with verve. Sebastian can’t help himself from spurting a nice load of warm jizz a few minutes into this great power fuck, and as soon as he does, he lets out a sigh of excitement. Zane is close, too, and he pulls his raw cock out of Sebastian’s tight man-hole in order to shower Sebastian’s chest with cum. Hot bareback flip-flop!

Fabio Acconi Hot Italian Muscle Pup

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Fabio Acconi‘s a handsome and muscular Italian stallion. (Please invent your own porn pun about sausage and meatballs.) And he’s got a fabulous cock that’s so fat and juicy when he pops a boner his tight white briefs can barely contain it. Watch Fabio work up a sweat when he faps in his first solo jack off scene.

Elder Buckley & Elder Riley Companionship Secret Bareback

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After talking about whether they should confess to the mission president, Elder Buckley and Elder Riley flip-flop fuck.

Elder Riley is feeling guilty about all the sex he and his companion have been having. Giving into temptation once is human, but taking every opportunity to fuck —as they do — demonstrates a lack of remorse. He knows he and his companion are sinning very seriously, and he doesn’t know how to stop. But he knows that the right thing to do is to go to the mission president, confess and repent. Only he could never betray Elder Buckley, and he’s afraid the president will excommunicate them both and send them home. So he decides to talk to his companion about what they should do.

After a long day of knocking on doors, Elders Buckley and Riley come home and flop down on a bed. ElderBuckley starts to take off his shoes. He’s looking forward to a relaxing fuck before they nod off, but Elder Rileylooks like he’s worried about something. Elder Buckley doesn’t have the energy for any drama, but he asks what’s wrong because he knows it’ll be less trouble than if he ignores it.

Brett Bradley & Josh Pierce Kitchen Bareback

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Brett Bradley begins the action with Josh Pierce right away, with Josh up on the kitchen counter and Brett ramming his tight pink butthole with his monster cock. Brett is very long and very thick, but Josh doesn’t even flinch as Brett goes in rough from the start. As a matter of fact, Josh loves it and is immediately begin for more. Brett is so eager for Josh’s sexy hole he doesn’t even take his shorts or shirt off at first. This is a true slam fuck. As Josh gets impaled by Brett’s tool, he asks for more, and deeper. Soon Brett decides to get more adventurous, and Josh is being held up against the refrigerator - grasping the top of the fridge as Brett holds his legs in the air. It’s a perfect angle for Brett to get in deep, and Brett’s thick raw cock just glides in and out as Josh enjoys the feeling of that wide dick penetrating in and out of his hole. As Brett pumps faster, Josh begins wailing and moaning in pleasure, very much enjoying every inch of cock. As soon as Brett lets Josh down gently from the fridge door, he has him spread eagle standing in the hall doorway, continuing his conquest. As Brett fucks Josh, he gives Josh a reach-around, stroking Josh’s pole, and ensuring Josh is receiving maximum pleasure from his fuck stick. As Brett’s pace gets faster, Josh takes over jerking himself. Josh is close to cumming, and Brett goes even faster at Josh’s request. Josh pumps his dick faster to keep up with the timing of the fucking, and soon a complete shower of cum carpets the kitchen floor - Josh has a huge load to match the hugeness of Brett’s cock! Brett then bends Josh over the counter and cums on his hole, but the action isn’t quite over yet. Josh gets a few last minutes to shove the cum into his hole, fingering it and swiping it around, loving the feeling of warm jizz coating his asshole inside and out. Hot bareback fuck!

Shane Hirch & Yuri Adamov Bareback

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Staxus has just released another one of their “World Cup Wankers” scenes. Yuri Adamov and Shane Hirch are both popular Staxus boys and I am confident that I am not the only one who is happy to see these two together in one video. It’s a soccer themed scene and the guys wear jockstraps and soccer socks and shoes all throughout the scene.

There’s a lot of cock sucking, as the boys take turns sucking each other’s juicy uncut cocks. They even move into 69 positions and that’s when Shane buries his face in between Yuri’s ass cheeks to give him a good rim job.

Two Studs fuck on a Sunny Day Bareback

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Dave is on the hunt. He decided to go to the park and find some manprey. Lucky for him he found a fairy by the pond. So Dave did his seductive dance in the fountain and lured him to his apartment. There Dave got to eat his ass and suck some dick. Because you know how much Dave loves him some dick and eating ass too. Then they pounded on a couch in the back patio. For Dave it was a good day.